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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. cel4145
    I have the M50 and the 780, and I think the 780 is a little bit better headphone, especially for EDM.
  2. Davedog
    Another possibility is to try the DT990s 250 ohms with the FiiO E17 as it doubles up as a DAC when used with a computer/Laptop.
    I've got this as my current setup and I love it. The features on the E17 are great and it falls just within your amp budget.
    Hope this Helps
  3. GL1TCH3D
    I want to get something nice for my girlfriend.
    Looking to spend about $100.
    It's mostly for home use.
    She listens to a lot of musicals (so something that has a nice emphasis on vocals).
    I can get an amp.
    Preferably over ear since she's uncertain of her compatibility with on/in ear.
  4. cel4145
    Have you let her try your Grados? SR80i fits your budget. 
  5. GL1TCH3D

    The grados are long gone. The only ones she's tried are the HD800 and LCD2r1.
    I'm not sure she'd like grados... Though she hasn't narrowed her tastes yet =/
    I'll keep the grados in mind.
  6. Mugiwara-hd428
    Hello, im new and i think my question goes here. im gonna buy a gaming headset and im thinking of getting the sennheiser pc 360, but i dont know if i should wait for ces 2013 to see if there would be a pc 370 or a revised version of the pc 360, what do you guys think? :D :)
  7. Roller
    The PC360 is currently the best gaming headset on the market, so if you plan on getting a headset as soon as possible, that's the one to get. Since there are no news regarding a newer model and due to the headset performance, I think you would do good to get them.
  8. Mugiwara-hd428
    Thanks, ill be getting them in a couple of weeks, is the astro mixamp powerful enough to power the headset?
  9. Roller
    Are you planning on using the headset on a PC or on a console?
  10. Mugiwara-hd428
    Console gaming ps3, and a little World of warcraft.
  11. ambient
    Thanks to ferday, Roller and cel4145. Appreciate the input :)
  12. kamcok
    Is there an alternative for the SRH840  ?
    i read the reviews and it seems to be rather heavy and lots of people complain when wearing for a long period of time
    i want it to be comfortable as well as durable, detailed with good sound stage and slight bass emphasis.

    i was thinking about ue6000/ vmoda lp2 / m-100 / beyerdynamic custom one pro but i don't know which would have the most bang for buck
  13. Zoomer13

    so she's tried $1,000+ headphones and you have a budget of around $100. Based on the desire for vocals, a grado could do well, and I like my 555s for more vocal or folk. Hope that helps. She should really audition some stuff though.
  14. Musifier
    OK so I have a budget of 0-450 US and I want noise cancellation for the school bus and sometimes for airplanes, it would be nice if it had Bluetooth (not that important) and I want GREAT sound.I listen to Green Day, Dubstep, and Electro.
    I currently have the Bose AE2i.
    Please help.
  15. Doc-holliday

    This headphone has pretty much everything you are asking for. Should be a pretty drastic improvement in sound quality over those AE2i.


    Another headphone that fits is the Sennheiser MM550 which is available refurbished if you search. Pricey new.

    Personally I would just get some in ear headphones with good foam tips that seal off the outside noise. That's called isolation.

    The Westone 4, Shure 535, Heir 4ai, and the new UE900 are ALL going to sound great and you will be VERY happy. You should just read reviews for each one and see which one seems to match the sound you would like most.

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