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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. MWRY
    Hello guys,
    Been seeking an improvement to my current setup for a while.
    My current audio setup:
    Fiio E17 + ATH AD900
    Well, bought AD900 for its clarity, separation and soundstage. and yes, I'm pretty satisfied and impressed with it considering AD900 is upgraded from a cheap laptop-bundled headphone.
    This headphone mainly used for music (instrument, vocal, pop). For me, clarity,details,soundstage is much more important than bass which AD900 has not dissappoint on. But sadly, human never satisfy with what they've. I am looking for headphone and dac/amp which at least better than e17 + ad900 on my usage as stated above.
    I expect the budget to be more than ad900 since it's better.
  2. NujaBlessed

  3. Davedog
    Beyer DT990s arrived today...
    also anybody know where i can get a case to carry my portable rig (HTC incredible S > E17 > HD25s)
    Cheers in advance.
  4. sonninen
    Would like some opinions on which are the best headphones sub-200$? (or approximately 150 euros). I'm most likely going to get only an Asus Xonar DG sound card which supplies amplifier for the headphones. I know it's nothing fancy, but for it's price I guess it's worth investing? I listen to many types of music, but rock and pop are the main genres. I do also game, but the quality of music is more important for me. If you think that some headphones that are SLIGHTLY over 200$ but definitely worth the extra money, I think I could stretch that much. I don't really know how different the sound is with open headphones compared to closed ones, as I've only owned closed type, but I'm going to use them home only so both are acceptable. Please give me some opinions. :)
  5. Rainstar
    Hello all, New to the forums Wanting to start my trek into audiophile world.
    Music genres: 40% Trance( some dubstep as well) 30% Classical and 30% Kpop/Jpop, on Ocasion I do listen to hiphop
    Portable: No
    Price range: with an amp/dac Looking to spend $1600 was thinking of going Schiit Mjolnir and Schiit Gungnir but unsure about any cheaper alternatives ( best bang for buck) I have heard a lot of good things about these two.
    Closed/Open: Un sure of what to get open or closed does not matter
    Headphone preference: Something fun to listen to and enjoy for hours, i suppose comfort is important I have zero experience on high end headphones the best I have listened to was a amped M50
    Not sure if I should buy the amp/dac first and then do more research and next year purchase the headphone due to budget constraints or buy the headphone first to enjoy and then do research on the appropriate amp/dac.
    Tho I do believe I can buy a headphone now and wait for sales on dac/amp later if any sales should arrive.
  6. Doc-holliday

    I know... I don't know what to tell you with such tight "budget constraints"......

    I guess you will have to go without.
  7. zeinharis

    At $1600 (add abit more) you can get the HE-6/LCD2 rev2 + lyr + bisfrost, both LCD2 & HE-6 have a great bass for trance & dubstep but more impact on the LCD2 though
  8. MRiNiCK
    I think i have posted here a couple of times in this thread but no response :frowning2:
    but I wanted to know what headphones should I get that fits me.!
    Needs to be closed,
    price range of 100-400$
    Somewhat portable but not massive, will be using this for commuting to work( 1.5 hour commute)
    Noise isolation doesnt need to be impressive.
    Needs to be somewhat neutral sounding.. Not too bassy but needs to be heard, mid range needs to be upfront etc etc.
    I was looking into a bluetooth wireless headphone witht the option of enabling the wire on it but i dont know yet.
    Music type varies, I listen to alot of Indie, Indie rock, Post rock,rock, punk, psychadelic, trap, electronic and a little of pop, hiphop. No jazz, country for me.
    Will be using this to be paired with my iBasso D-Zero and ipod touch 4th gen. and at times at home.
    Right now im using my custom IEM from 1964 triple driver. I also own Sennheiser HD 650, Brainwavz HM5, Ultrasone Pro 900.

    Thanks alot guys
  9. gallardo88
    Suggestions for a closed semi-portable around ear headphone in the 100-250 range that has a similar soundstage to the Philips SHE3580? (these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003BT69Z2/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00)
  10. NujaBlessed

  11. Doc-holliday

    +1 DT1350 for a true portable. ++++1 actually.

    Also if you are looking for a full sized to lug around... my akg550 matches your taste but if you have a smallish head, you won't get a good seal and judging by your pic (if that is you) you don't look like a real big dude.

    BTW both mentioned are highly praised by Tyll, you can watch his vids on both.
  12. Balgheet

  13. Doc-holliday

    On sale today only... good all round set of cans with mic....


    I ordered a pair myself. Ive tried them briefly and they are supremely comfy.

    Otherwise you can search the CAL on here "Creative Aurvana Live". I don't have them so can't say myself but highly praised.
  14. ppbnb1
    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I might be joining the Grado Big Family here LOL. But now I am still considering which can to get. Two options for me: The Sr225i can and the Alessandro Ms-1. I heard that MS-1 has warmer sound, more median bass, less bright and detail while 225i has more detail, more balanced frequency distribution but lack the "warm"  MS-1 special characteristics, which fancys most of the ms-1 buyers. So which one do you guys really recommand? Thanks.
    btw, I only have a portable Technics CD player and a tablet. Thanks!
  15. Ojsinnerz
    Okay, I'm thinking of upgrading to a custom IEM, or a portable headphone, but I'm not quite sure which one to get. I'm thinking I'll stick with the CIEM and grab a Clear Tune Monitor CT200, but I want to know all that's available. I'm willing to spend up to 500.

    Looking for a balanced sound for now. I listen to a variety of music. Hip-hop, Jazz, Rock, Baroque, anything with an orchestra, Ska, Post Rock, Soundtracks, and whatever the heck Akira Yamaoka makes, heh. I've tried a bunch of both warm and colder IEMs/headphones in the past, and I really enjoyed the ones I had for different reasons. I'm not too picky, as long as it isn't consumer-tier, haha. I think a tad warmer RE0 with a solid soundstage is what I'm looking for. Regular RE0 felt like it was just a touch too cold for me. Here's a list of some of the more notable stuff I've tried.

    IEMs/Headphones I've enjoyed/loved (Bolded are my favourites)
    Monoprice 8320
    Audio Technica ESW10JPN
    EarSonics SM2
    Head Direct RE0
    JVC FXT-90
    JVC Victor FX500
    Etymotic Research MC5

    Did not like:
    Audio Technica EW9

    I've also had the chance to audition the Vsonic GR7 and GR1s for a couple of minutes. Even though the impressions were brief, I liked the GR1s a lot. As for the GR7s, it sounded a little underwhelming, but I think I couldn't get a proper seal.

    I was thinking of going for SM3, but I wanted to jump a little further. (I've heard the upgrade from SM2 to 3 wasn't really that big) EarSonic customs are obviously out of my price range.

    I've tried the B&W P5s, which I liked. I liked the sweet sound, but I don't think it was quite what I was looking for.

    Thanks for looking.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention. I won't be using an amp, and this'll be just straight out of a portable. My ears are a little sensitive to clamping, but as long as it's at least mildly comfortable, it should be okay. IEMs are fine though.

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