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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. kmitschiener
    Are you sure? does that statement hold true even if I can't buy a new amp for a while?
  2. KG Jag

    The HiFiMan will power it.
  3. kmitschiener
    Thanks for your advice :)
    on a side note, any recommendations for tubes I could use for when I get the hd 650?
  4. Hooster
    Ok, let me put this another way. I like electronic music, electric guitar, male and female vocals and also some classical music. I like piano music. I am considering Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 Ohm or HiFiMan HE-400, Any advice on which to choose would be welcome, with standard cables or re cabled.
  5. MarkoOktabyr
    I looked at a number of reviews both here and elsewhere and it seems that saving up for the SRH 940's might be a good option (even if that means putting off my purchases a little longer). I have a couple more questions:
    1. I know this is not the amp section, but would the FiiO E11 (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0053KWDES) be an acceptable amp to drive any of the mentioned headphones?
    2. A number of reviews I've seen for the SRH 940's (and other recommended headphones) seem to indicate that the bass (particularly mid-bass) isn't quite as strong as some of the other ranges. I don't think of myself as a basshead, but the bass range is important to me. Does this affect your recommendations?
    3. Being new to head-fi, would I even notice the above issue or would it still sound better than what I was used to?
    EDIT: In another venue, I've seen the AKG K550 recommended. How would those compare to the recommended headphones?
  6. sigmundklaus
    Hi All, especially Ultrasone gurus, :)
    I've never had an Ultrasone but am very curious.
    Please help!
    Which one would be a good first Ultrasone from these?
    - HFI-680 ........................... 158 EUR
    - HFI-2400 ......................... 189 EUR
    - Pro Anniversary ............... 139 EUR
    I'd either use it as a tool (mixing, critical listening) in my home studio / or just for listening to music :)
    Thank you!
  7. automaton
    I'm down to a few sets of headphones for my office:
    Beyer DT-880
    V-Moda M-100
    Audio Technica ATH 900X
    AKG K550

    Budget is around $200, but will go higher if there's enough difference between $200 and the next tick up to make it worth the cash.  Will be used in a private office, so no need for closed vs. open.  Would prefer not have to use/buy an amp, at least in the short-term. 

    Listening: mostly EBM, techno, ambient, ect. 

    The DT-880 had been the top contender, but the M-100 seem to be more versatile.  Not sure how much of the praise being heaped on them, in terms of sound quality, is hype*, and I might want to wait until the dust settles and there are more head-to-head comps available.
    *That's not to impugn the honesty of any reviewers, just that sometimes people can get really excited about new gear, and this is my last headphone purchase for a long time, so I want to make the right call.
  8. SimplySerenity
    Okay so I'm looking to purchase some over ear headphones. I've got a budget of 300$, and I listen mostly to electronic genres but I enjoy a little of everything. I'm looking for something balanced with a little bit of favor to the lows if anything. Open to any suggestions. ^^
  9. Davedog
    Not shure this is the place for it but can someone direct me to threads about starting up a home rig.
    Cheers in advance.
  10. Davedog
    just realised i wrote shure instead of sure.
    Thats when you know you're an audiophile [​IMG]
  11. HamilcarBarca
    The least expensive option is the DT 880 without the aftermarket cable. Unless you operate in an environment filled with EMI, a balanced cable doesn't help a bit. That's what I'd do ... if I didn't have the DT 990.
  12. basstwomule
    We all know why I am replying to this thread!  :)
    I am looking for supra-aural, closed, clean/natural headphones.  Sub $200 would be great.  10 foot cable (is that something that I can fix after buying if they are detachable?).
    I have been using a Sony MDR-V100 for a long time.  I use them to mostly listen to movies so a natural sound is best.  I am not into a lot of bass.  I tried out a few and didn't like the shifts in sound.  Am I correct that the MDR-V100 is fairly neutral?
    Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. Hooster
    So what you are saying is that the HE-400 is not worth $50 more than the DT 880 600 Ohm? Also that re cabling the cans and using a balanced amp is not going to make any difference to stock cable connected to single ended? Thank you.
  14. Jackcell
    I've got an ipod 5gen classic 60gb with rockbox. I use it A LOT. There are a few thing I want to do to it, but I wanted to know what I should do first, how much it would cost me, and what your opinions were? My headphones are ATHm50 and Vsonic GR04 flagship. Next pair will be hifi grade. Oh yeah, BTW it's all flac.
    1. iMod? Worth it or not? What benefits do I get?
    2. I want an amp, but not something crazy expensive. I was thinking the Fiio e12 when it comes out. Any thoughts? 
    3. Big one here, Cables. I've read some places that LOD means A LOT. Also read it doesn't mean much of anything? Which is it? Is the Fiio L9 good enough for do I need one of those fancy $200 ones? 
    4. Should I be playing my music through my iPod's line out, if not, how should I be playing it? I would need an amp to play through line out?
    5. Is the hard drive worth switching to SSD? I walk with it but not run. How much do these cost? 
    6. Am I correct in thinking that DAC's do not work with the older iPods? 
    7. I plan on also using this as a source in my car and for my home speakers. In both cases, it is a 3.5 mm jack. I noticed that with the line out, when compared to my nano's line out, sounds like garbo on my $1000 car system. Would a Fiio L10 fix this or at least help a little?
    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Respond to this or PM me if you want
    Part 2
    I'm Using Foobar, stock, completely. When I use my computer as a source for my speakers and headphones it sounds really great. Are there any addins out there for it that I should know about or have to get more out of it?
  15. ferday

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