Full-size headphone dilemma Help
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May 21, 2012
Hi Head-Fiers,
I’m in a dilemma with my purchase for an all-around full-size headphone. I’m currently looking at the following (listed by preference so far), but I’d like to hear about what others (closed or open) I should consider or what you think I should go with? I’d like to stay under $250 if possible.
1 – Sony MDR-1R ~$250 / MDR-1RBT ~$400
1a - Sennheiser HD-598 ~$230
2 – Sennheiser Momentum ~$300
3 – Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro ~$175
4 – Logitech UE 6000 ~$150 (with noise cancelling)
5 – V-MODA m100 ~$300
A) Comfort: Comfort is key really key to me, as I tend to wear them for long periods.
B) Cables: I’m also looking for detachable cables as I’d like the option to hook my portable Bluetooth directly on the headphones to go wireless. Deciding factor.
C) Features: Wireless or Noise-cancelling is nice, but not a deciding factor.
D) Sound Quality: Honestly my ears aren’t that refined so I probably can’t find all the key differences. I listen to all types from vocals to classical, jazz and rock. My sources are simply my iPhone/iPod or computer (mostly CD lossless rips) – no amps.
E) Headphones that I’ve tried:
a.     Shure SRH-840 – I had these for a while and while they sounded really good, they were too neutral (and thus boring?); they’re also a little heavy and I can’t wear them for that long.
b.     V-MODA m80 – Not over-ear, but I like the sound they have. They’re not as warm as the SRH-840 but more spunky. The lighter weight is nice, but the clamping pressure is hard and they warm my ears (my ears are slightly larger than average and juts out a little) after awhile. I’ll keep these for now as they’re tough and portable.
c.      Beyerdynamic DT770 – These sounded nice and were VERY comfortable, but I wanted different cable options.
d.     AKG 550 – These were the MOST comfortable ones I’ve tried and sounded awesome, but again I wanted a shorter/detachable cable.
Thanks for reading this long-winded post. Love to hear your thoughts. 

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Maybe the Denon D600s?  I'm really liking mine, and I've tried *a lot* of headphones.  I got mine for right around $250 refurbed, here:
They're very comfortable, have two detachable cables, sound fantastic, and work well for a lot of different types of music, IMO.  They're also pretty sensitive, so they don't need an amp.  My SoundMAGIC HP100s (with Beyer velour pads) had been my favorite for quite some time, but the Denons are a bit more comfortable, and clearer and more open sounding, so I think they're taking over (incidentally, the HP100s are another option, as they're pretty comfortable with the velours and they have a detachable cable).  They don't get much love here on Head-Fi, but I'm really digging them.
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Thanks @marximus - i looked at the denons but couldnt find a local store to try them out. i went ahead an got an HD598 as it fits all of my requirements. i may revisit the denons if the HD598 doesn't pan out.

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