Full bass encompassing iems needed. Help
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May 25, 2013

For the past three years I have owned a pair of Bose on ear headphones and loved them. In particular I was impressed by the bass response and how much more involved I felt in the music. The sound was warm but I also liked the clarity though admit that there is much better out there on a clarity alone front.

Interestingly I've tried a few other on or over ear headphones including the likes of beats and sennheisser and haven't been as impressed on the bass and warmth.

So with this in mind I am now looking for some iems to match or better this sound. One of the hardest things is finding places in London that let you try any full stop, but I today tried some sennheisser ie80s in a store that allowed this. I had spent ages reading reviews and forums incl this one and expected big things. I found great clarity, more than my Bose but the bass was still lacking even with the bass screw turned to full.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they think might work for me?

For the record, I mainly listen to reggae and soul, though I also play guitar and do a little studio recording occasionally so the iems could double up in usage here (but primary req is just listening rather than monitoring and recording)
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Jan 16, 2012
If you find that a set of IE80's (with a proper seal) are bass deficient - I have to think that IEM's are not going to satisfy you. The bass in an IE80 is its trademark. It is powerful and solid with wonderful texture. What you describe sounds similar to how others have described fake IE8's and 80's. Are these IEM's out in the open? I just wonder if someone surreptitiously swapped out fakes for the real thing since they are easily detached. I have heard a number of people who didn't appreciate the IE80's bass, but the issue was rarely lack of bass.

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