Fujiya Headphone Spring Festival 2017 Show Report

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  1. Cloudtastrophe
    Is Cyberdrive there? hoping for an update on the PHA and the ProX
  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Those are my McIntosh MC275 Mk VI 50th Annoversary. The green glow is a cheat though as it's LED lit. When you power it on the LED is orange signaling its powering up getting ready and green naturally when it's ready. I have a YouTube here.
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  3. buzzlulu
    The Pioneer's should be in the shops by the end of May so you might want to wait!
  4. raypin
    Mm...new Mass Kobo gear yay! It is one of my absolute favorite Japanese brand for headfi gear (alongside Fitear, Stax and Ocharaku). Have their 394 balanced amp (paired with my Dave) and 404 balanced portable amp (with the convenience of 6 Eneloop batteries). Had their 395.

    Looking at the 406 balanced amp, there's an error indicator? What is that???. Love the 3 gain setting, instead of the normal L and H gain.
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  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Day 2 posted on Post #2

    Sadly as noted previously I didn't get to visit every exhibit but spent time for the few I did visit.
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  6. NickL33
    So hows the new fitear custom custom sounds?
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    Taking my memory back 9 days (i.e. take it with a pinch of salt and more of a generalisation rather than exact specifics), to my ears back then, it's basically quite a full sounding signature that leans a little towards more bass, so I wouldn't call it neutral. I did not notice any bass bleeds into the mids despite a nice deep rumble. In the end I chose the Titan as the soundstage and depth imaging was just a little bigger than the FitEar Custom.

    I'm finding these days more and more earphone makers seem to be going for that "big sound"- there's deep full bass and mids, extended smooth trebles. The differences between them have been more on resolution, soundstage/imaging presentation, control of the FR to ensure no bleeds, no peaks/spikes, etc.
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  8. raypin
    Mm...yup, I agree that the new ones are beginning to sound like clones of each other. Case in point are the Fourte (getting mine in a day or two) and my new CIEM, the Taiwan gem from Asen (8 driver BA). Not that I am complaining...just saying.
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