Fujiya Avic Winter Potaken in Tokyo 18th February 2017

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  1. nanaholic
    I was there in the morning for a couple of hours - first time able to make it to the show.
    There weren't that many new products on display so I ended up spending most of the time chatting with Matsuo-san of Just ear and other JE owners instead. JE is just getting a feel for demand of different shell colour options (no photos allowed unfortunately because they aren't committing yet) outside of the lemonade soda green they have right now with blue, pink and complete transparent, very nice colours. Noticed that Sato-san the sound engineer from the Walkman team was there too which was interesting, probably getting some feedback for his next project I would think.
    Ended up getting a pair of the AK/Beyer T8ie Mk2 for about 700USD which I thought was a pretty good deal, something to fill the gap while my JE MH1 are getting serviced which will take a bit of time.....   
  2. Mimouille
    @AnakChan These Brise Audio cable seem a little bit DIY to my taste for the 300-600 asking price. Are they anything special?
  3. kms108

    I see you are located in Hong Kong, the AK T8ie is that price in Hong Kong too, and you do get local warranty.
  4. nanaholic
    I checked on price.com.hk before pulling the trigger, I'm actually getting it for about 5-600 HK dollars cheaper than in HK.
    I'm sure if I try haggling I can get close to the price in HK, but I don't like haggling in HK....
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  5. AnakChan Moderator
    To me they're pretty well made. In fact aesthetically more pleasing than the Prima Donna for example. Their $300-$600 are their lower range in fact as they make headphone cables of up to almost $4500 and $10,000 XLR cables $20,000 speaker cables.
    Their concept is based on isolation based on number of layers, etc. And AFAIK they only use copper cables (no silver/gold/mix).
    Here's an example of their Murakumo terminated to MMCX which I put on my FitEar MH335DW-SR last year in Fujiya's Autumn Festival 2016. I did it just for fun and the whole table was laughing but as you can see from the cable gauge it's completely impractical :-

    But -personally- the Murakumo were best cables I've heard out of my MH335DW-SR. of course I'd never spend that crazy money for an impractical/laughable earphone cable, and to be frank I've never heard $4500 cables out of my earphones ever but aesthetics and practical aspects aside, I was quite impressed.

    The STD001 is their basic range and their UPG001 is their normal range for earphones headphones, but thereafter it goes up with their Osafune, Shinkai, Masamune and Murakumo range.

    Again, as I've not heard other expensive cables like Siltech, etc. (I have Siltech for my speakers but not headphones), so I have base to compare the Brise cables. I hope to go to their head office some time in March to talk to them properly, etc.

    But so far I like their brand and to my eyes, they are far from DIY.
  6. Mimouille
    Interesting, I might try their Rh+
  7. deafdoorknob
    i do love how the brise sounds with my andros and fitear, but the again, its stiffness / microphonics are annoying for anything but stationery use, ymmv tho
  8. Mimouille
    Stiff and microphonic...ouch
  9. Dobrescu George
    Hey @AnakChan , Any more in depth thoughts about Signature Studio? [​IMG] 
    I want to eventually get a pair but can't really find it anywhere nor find any reviews of it [​IMG]
  10. AnakChan Moderator

    That's interesting. What earphone have you been using with the Brise? I've not notice that and was actually thinking how it's wasn't microphonic when I was trying at their booth on Saturday. As per pix I was using with my 1Plus2.2 & MH335DW-SR.

    I thought the Studio was launched just this peas weekend but I could be wrong. Maybe that's why no reviews? I head them only briefly and to me know they were very close to the SigPros which the Studios are based on. Sorry without more listening time I can't comment much about it.
  11. deafdoorknob

    CA andromeda and fitear tg334 at first, now one is relegated to the ibasso iem because it doesn't make the ibasso pop out of my ears whenever i turn my head lol, and i sold the fitear one and got the much more pliable Orb clearforce instead.

    and currently using the PW n5 for Andro (CA litz is a fine cable, but alas i'm not a memory wire fan)
  12. Dobrescu George
    Thank you, @AnakChan ! 

    I will be on the lookout for more impressions about them! 

    I was eyeing a signature dj before as it kinda is my dream headphone (because it's closed back but still resembles HD800S), but if this one is just as good, might as well take a shot with it! [​IMG]
  13. AnakChan Moderator
    I had the Signature DJ for awhile and liked the Signature Pro too even though I didn't own/buy that (long story). I also had the HD800S although I don't know if I'd say the Signature DJ is a closed version of the HD800S :wink:. I think if one like the Signature Pro/DJ series, the Studio is from the same family and therefore has the same house-sound. I actually don't know final price but was just told it was like 1/2 of the Signature Pro's. All I can comment is comfort wise it's almost there but naturally it's not the same level as the Signature Pro. By how much? Can't really say as each person's head's different and tolerance level also varies naturally :wink:.
    BTW the HD800S is very comfortable by my standards for my head in comparison to the Signature series - but, the HD800S is also very very open.
  14. Dobrescu George
    HD800S is also the most comfortable headphone I had ever had on my head, but I can't really own one as it's open back and it's quite expensive. 

    Signature DJ at least has similar levels of soundstage and while it has more bass, I remember it having good details and treble. I loved HD800S's signature, but I would prefer something with more treble, like Senn ie800 or Sig Dj. 

    I'm not sure how Sig Dj delivers in terms of treble as I only tested it for a short while (under 10 minutes), but it would be great if it would be what I'm looking for. No TH900 for me as I need isolation... 
    Did you find any other well isolating headphones that come close to HD800S? 

    I am going to purchase HM5 pads for either option if I'm going with Ultrasone, so I don't really care about pads quality that much [​IMG]
  15. Toolman
    Hi, anyone any idea the exact dates the Fujiya Avic Autumn show will be held? Planning my travel well ahead since I'll be in Tokyo for the Tokyo Auto Salon in Oct itself. Thanks
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