FT: Yamaha HP-50S
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 9, 2007
I have for trade Yamaha HP-50S orthodynamic headphones. They are in very good condition and the annoying smell that they first had is now completely gone. Here is pic:


Please note these are not modded as I am too busy to mod them at the moment and have a lot of other headphones to play with. As a trade I will consider any of the following:

1) an old Electret such as Sony ECR, Audio-Technica ATH or Toshiba Aurex or Signet electret headphones models
2) AKG K400, 401, 500, 501
3) any of old PMB orthos or other headphones on this list

All headphones should be in good working condition. I will add money if your headphone is of a higher value. I don't want to sell at the moment, trade only.

Please PM me with trade offers.

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