FT: My ATH-L3000 (#005) for your PS-1
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Gu Sensei

500+ Head-Fier
Feb 20, 2008
I am interested in checking out the PS-1 and am willing to part with this special and beautiful pair of ATH-L3000’s to do so.

I purchased them from an audio ‘recycle’ shop here in Japan and got no information about the previous owner. The serial number is 005 out of 500. They are in superb condition. The leather covering appears to have no blemishes, scratches, or wear of any kind. The lettering on the leather seems to have some slight variation in darkness in a couple of places, but I cannot tell if it is wear or how they were manufactured. The plastic and metal have no nicks, scratches, or marks at all. The cord is flawless. The only blemish of any kind that I can find is a very small, barely visible mark on the plug. The pads and wings appear in great condition. The bottom edges of the pads are a little ‘smooshed’ in where they touch each other when being stored. It does not affect the seal or fit in anyway. I have the boxes, pouches, and documentation. These headphones appear to have been extremely well-cared for or used very little.

And, they do sound truly sublime. After all the build-up, I was not at all disappointed. I hope to obtain another pair sometime in the future, but I am curious about the PS-1 and have little opportunity to try a pair in Japan.

I am sorry but these are not for sale. I am only interested in a trade for the Grado PS-1. Please send me a PM if you are willing to make such a trade or have comments or questions.

Thank you for your interest!


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