FT: Gibson/Epiphone/Marshall gear
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Jul 7, 2004
Hey all,

After I've received numerous noise complaints, I'm trading off most of my guitar gear, decided to go with headphones and just have jam sessions with my PodXT. Anyway, here's what I'm trading away:

2007 Gibson Vintage Mahogany Studio LP
2006 Epiphone Cherry Burst Custom Plus LP
unsure what year Marshall TSL 122

The guitars have no dents or dings on them. The Marshall is at least 10 years old, I bought it used, and brought it to the shop and had the thing retubed and resoldered. I'm only interested in trading all 3 in one swing. I'm putting trade value at $2000. Things that I'm interested in are: DACs, amps, and headphones. I just can't do shipping, so let me know where you're located and we can work something out.

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