FT/FS: Ultrasone Edition 8, SA5000
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Sep 29, 2009
Hi, I would like to trade those two pair of headphones with a used/unused Senn HD800 or I can also sell them. Ed8 will be sold after SA5000 is sold prior.
Edition 8 is two months old. I really loved it and still I do. However, I am going to a new IEMs so I could not afford another another portable pair of it.
I ask for the price of $1000 and it is certainly negotiable.
Minor marks in each housing's edge, and looks completely clear other than that. SN# 190, and inside of the headband, Right, Left, and S-Logic Logo is kinda fading out. I would give the credit of 7.5~8/10 in appearence state. Sounding is really wonderful. Sorry, not in box. comes with carring pouch, 3.5-> 6.5mm jack.

SA5000, I bought it 2 weeks ago. Less than 15 hours used. In box. Ask price for $230, also negotiable.

Shipping cost not included, Insurance is up to you. PM me if interested.
Thank you for looking. In US shipping is preferred.

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