FT/FS: Stax SRM-007t (240V) for SRM-717 (240V)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002
I'd like to either trade my Stax SRM-007t in very good condition for an SRM-717 in the same, or sell it outright.

It is a 240V model, suitable for use in the UK. It is two years old, has about 1000 - 1400h on it at the absolute most, used with Omega II and HE90. It is supplied in the original packaging, along with a standard UK power cable, an alternative power cable and the Stax IC's + (Japanese) manual.

I am not interested in a trade for a 100/110V model + transformer.

If selling, I am looking for £650 but am open to offers. Pics on request for prospective buyers.

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