FT/FS: CLOSED EARMAX PRO 230V WITH STOCK TUBES + MULLARD TUBES (loads of pics) (will trade for Grado GS1000i) CLOSED
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Jul 27, 2007
Up for trade/sale is my EMP amp (230v), I've had the unit for a couple years now and brought it brand new from stoneaudio.co.uk for £595 (still on sale at same price)
The sound coming from this little feller is very lush, warm and very tubey, it sounded great with my RS-1's and other Grado's. Many people have said it sounds fantastic with the hd650's
The Earmax is the smallest tube amp out there and if you like tube-rolling  you will have fun by trying different tubes to find your perfect sound.
The unit has had little use so it's in great condition with a few minor faint scratches (not sure if they will show up on pictures.) 
The amp will come with stock tubes and also with three Mullard tubes, CC81/CV4024MUL, ECC86/MULLARD (x2). The Mullards set me back about £90.
I'm looking to take trade for some Grado GS1000i or sale the unit for £450
I will post pictures later.
Thanks for looking.


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