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May 26, 2005
First of all, thanks for looking. Second, let me be completely honest about this:

My birthday has just come and passed, and I have ordered myself a pair of Superfi 5 EBs, and Shure E4c. So I will no longer need my trusy Etymotic ER-6s. These have served me well over the past four years. Because of their age and condition, they probably don't have much cash value. Therefore I am offering them up to a fellow Head-Fier as a trade.

Here is what I am offereing:
1 pair of ER-6s.
1 pair of what I believe are new foamies.
1 pair of used foamies (use them at your own risk).
1 Etymotic zippered case.
1 plastic hard case.
1 airplane adapter.
1 filter changing tool.

As I mention above the ER-6s are old, but still working. One of the metal posts that hold the tips came off and I glued it back on. In the process I got a little glue on the cable.

Here is what I am looking for:
Well anything really. I am guessing the value of these would be somewhere between $20-$40. So anything in trade worth about that much will be considered. Maybe you have some old Koss clip on phones, or some decent earbuds that you no longer use. Maybe it's something not even headphone related like rechargable batteries or iPod accesories. Either way shoot me a PM and we will see.

Long story short, if you have always wondered what IEMs were all about and have something in the $20-$40 dollar range to trade, shoot me a PM.

And sorry for the long post.

Here are some pics:

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