FT: Beyerdynamic 770-pro (modded) for your HD-650 (or other high impedance cans)
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Oct 9, 2005
These DT-770's are about 5 months old. They were recently recabled with 20 awg solid core silver 4 cable litz braid tech flex and a canare F-12 plug.
This cable is 4.5 feet long, however an identical extension cable (another 4.5 feet or so) will be included (silver/canare F12's techflex etc). The cable is well installed and braced (metal bands). It's a bit stiffer than the stock cable; however, the litz braid will probably loosen up with time.

I really enjoy the sound of the 770's (especially after re-cabling {Tighter bass response (less extended bloat) cleaned up highs and a sweeter mid}) However, I recently purchased a tube headphone amp with a 300 ohm output and I feel guilty about not taking advantage of that.

The condition of these headphones is probably an 8 or 9 out of 10 on the audiogon scale. They are physically in great condition minus some very very minor paint loss where they are rested on a desk (should have got a bananna stand).

Anyway, I'll post some pictures when I get home from work. PM me offers and thanks for taking a look.

Robert McCarthy



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