[FSOT] AK T8iE mkII - truly the best iems in this world!

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by RuFrost, Sep 25, 2017.
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  1. RuFrost
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    Forced to sell my treasure and the most lovely headphones ever((
    This is the best iems on the planet currently. After getting those, I have stopped searching and being interested for something else. Seriously! End game iems and headphones in general.
    Part 2:
    My first impressions which have not changed since then:
    "I just have got couple days ago Ak t8ie mkII...no earbuds. iems, full size cans can compete with it. It is just the best headphones (50+ majority of which are flagmans) I have ever experienced and probably will...Light, perfect isolation yet lots of air and amazing highs, all frequences extends really far beyond the ears...Detalization is microscopic yet not getting tired your ears at all!!! They sound smooth and relaxed yet very dynamic and energetic... Sound signature is just fantastic above all expectations. Sound is expensive and really of Hi-end resolution like 16k video or something....The cable is thin and soft, though, provides enough power, clarity and balance over all. The best cable which marry warmth of copper and clarity of silver.
    Mine XBA-Z5 are of the same field of sound (like ie800, akg3003\i) but akt8ie mkII hits two steps above everything. Every experience with akt8 mkII is a micro-orgasm...it is better than sugar, meat, drugs and games all together...mine setup is Fiio X7+Alo Rx (Nickel limited iem edition)"
    Part 3:
    The reason for sale: a) need money to pay for life expenses(( b) switching to earbuds - much cheaper form factor for me.
    IMG_20170915_175325.jpg IMG_20170915_002045.jpg IMAGE_357.jpg IMAGE_360.jpg IMG_20170915_125942.jpg
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  2. RuFrost
    Best iems for the price! PM me for offerings!
  3. RuFrost
    Best iems for the price! PM me for offerings!
  4. RuFrost
  5. Jacobal
    These are easily the top 3 universal iems of all time for me.
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  6. RuFrost
    Totally agree! 750$ or PM me for the best offer!
  7. RuFrost
  8. RuFrost
  9. RuFrost
  10. Danivi
    Hi there are you interested in a sort of trade?
    I have a pair of fidue sirius and an ak70
    Let me know
  11. RuFrost
    I might be interested! Send me pictures of all you want to trade in the pm as well as the price deal.
  12. SaigonGrandFunk
  13. RuFrost
    pmed back)
  14. RuFrost
  15. RuFrost
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