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FS: Zhaolu D2C

  1. Mazuki
    Up for sale is a completely stock Zhaolu 2.0 with the CS4398 DAC chip. I purchased this from IFI Audio a couple of months ago and I still have the original box. It's a great entry level DAC, but I'm personally moving up the ladder.




    I'm looking for SOLD shipped CONUS, with Paypal payment.

    If you want me to install a Zapfilter for you, PM me separately about it.

    My feedback is here.
  2. Capunk
    Is that balanced output?
  3. d-cee
    yes, they were dropped in the D2.5 onwards
  4. Mazuki
    Bump and price drop
  5. legcramp
    How about $135 I come pick it up? Avoid shipping and paypal fees? [​IMG]

    Also, can the dac be changed out to say an AD8599?
  6. Mazuki
    Still available
  7. Mazuki
  8. Mazuki
    bump, with modding option
  9. Mazuki

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