FS: Yamaha PF-800 Turntable *SOLD*
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Dr. Wood
Sep 4, 2005
Well now that the "Colossus" (my custom DIY table) is all but finished, and I just put out some fundage for a new cartridge, it's time to put this beautiful table up for sale.

I had entertained the idea of keeping it, but it really should find a new home where it will get more use.

This table is the nicest PF-800 I've encountered. There is some very light swirling on the dust cover, but it's the typical very light swirling that's on almost every dust cover. The rest of the table is flawless. I also purchased a beat up PF-800 for parts, and will include the extra parts with this sale at no extra cost.

This table has the original manual, original box, original record clamp and 45 adapter.

I also have a nice older Grado G2 cartridge that is part of the package. Grado tells me it's on par with todays Grado Gold cartridge, which is the top of the line in the Prestige series and sells for $220.00. The G2 has maybe 25 hours on it.

I'm looking for $550.00 + shipping for the TT and I'd really prefer a CONUS sale on this one.

I estimate Priority Mail shipping at about $50.00


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