FS: XLO Electric Ultra Plus UltraPlus U12 Speaker Cable Pair 8 Feet Bi-Wire Biwire

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    Excellent condition current model XLO UltraPlus Ultra Plus speaker cables (pair) in bi-wire configuration, banana plugs in both sides.

    MSRP on these is $820, so about half off all in to you!

    Biwire configuration (two banana plugs on Amp end and four banana plugs on speaker end)

    Length: 8’ (about 2.44m)

    Purchased from local XLO authorized dealer about 7 months ago, guaranteed to be genuine XLO.

    Original owner.

    Includes original packaging, case and certificate of authenticity.

    Price includes shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal fees

    From website:

    XLO™ UltraPLUS™ cables are the latest, most advanced versions of the popular Ultra™ Series. The sound is clear and neutral with tight, powerful bass and an engaging midrange with clean and extended highs, hallmark XLO sound.

    U12BW Bi-Wire Speaker Cable
    UltraPLUS is designed with classic XLO Integrated Field-Balanced Surface/Diving Winding Geometry™ sotopologically speaking the cable has no surface or center and frequency-related phase shift is effectively canceled. Very low capacitance and inductance means XLO UltraPLUS cables work with a wide variety of components.

    Core material & technology
    Field-Balanced Surface/Diving Winding Geometry™
    4-conductor 8+ AWG PC-OCC monocrystal solid-core copper conductors
    Aerospace-grade PTFE insulation
    Low-capacitance hand terminated 24K mil-spec direct gold-plated bananas

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