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  1. Maleficio
    Up for sale is a 1 year old Woo GES MAXXED that I purchased on this forum.

    Here is the original listing:


    "There are no visible scratches and instead of stock 4x 12BX7s it will come with the Woo direct replacement tubes of 4x 12BZ7, along with the 4x 6S7s and it does have a RCA Loop out.

    A stock Woo GES runs $1450, premium upgrade $680, 12BZ7 $64, and the additional RCA Loop out which I don't know how much it costs but together I think at least $2300.

    Update: The Power LED seems to have a slight problem as it randomly flickers now and then while its on. I have emailed Jack over at Woo Audio and he said there could be a problem with the LED regulator or the LED itself but it does not harm the amp or impact the sound quality at all. They will fix it if you would want it to be fixed."

    I am looking for a quick sale so:

    Price is SOLD all fees included and shipped worldwide.

    I do not post here on Headfi but I have been here for some time and I have feedback here as well as on Audiogon and Ebay.

    I have bought many items from Headfi but this will be my first sale. But here is my Headfi feedback anyway:


    However on Audiogon and especially on Ebay, I have sold many a headphone and related audio equipment.






  2. Maleficio
  3. Maleficio
  4. Maleficio
  5. Maleficio
    Price updated!
  6. Dr_Gus
    If I had the money now... It's a great price.
    Perhaps in some weeks, if you don't find a buyer! [​IMG]
  7. Maleficio
  8. pzm9pzm9
    what this is sold? awwwwww i was so close!

    EDIT: oh it is not! haha
  9. pzm9pzm9
    pm sent
  10. Maleficio
  11. jimndre Contributor
    If you changed the title to indicate that this is sold, it might save someone some time.

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