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FS: Woo Audio WA6SE Silver. Like new. Tons of bonus tubes. Tube roller's dream.

  1. jason300b
    I am selling my Woo Audio WA6SE.  I have really enjoyed it, but I do not ever seem to be able to find the time to listen.  It's too nice of a machine to just sit here, so I am offering it for sale.  I ordered it in February of this year (2010) and received it April 27th, 2010.  Since than I have put less than 40 hours on it.  I have a baby due any day now, and I just don;t see enough listening time in my future to justify keeping it.  It was removed from the shipping box to be placed on my bookshelf and it has not moved since.
    My asking price of $ includes a ton of bonus stuff as well as shipping and Paypal fees to the Continental US.  Pictures are below.  Here's what is included:
    Woo Audio WA6SE, Silver, Standard Options
    Standard 10' Umbilical Cable
    Stock Tubes (one Russian 5Z4G, (2) RCA 6DE7's)
    Extra Stuff (I paid an extra $450 for these):
    Sophia Princess 274B/nTube
    Extra 24" Umbilical Cable
    (2) Pair RCA 6EW7's
    (1) Pair Raytheon 6EW7's
    (1) Pair Sylvania 6EW7's
    (1) Pair RTT 6EW7's
    (3) Pair Sylvania 6DE7's
    (3) Pair RCA 6DE7's
    (2) Pair Raytheon 6DE7's
    (1) Pair Trigon 6DE7's
    If you are a DIY'er, I have a complete set of parts to upgrade the amp to the 'ultimate version'.  I ordered these parts with the expectation that I would eventually upgrade the amp, but since I am selling it, obviously I will not be doing this. 
    List of Parts Upgrade (optional purchase):
    BlackGate 150uf/350v(x2)
    BlackGate 220uf/100v(x2)
    BlackGate 220uf/16v(x2)
    BlackGate 22uf/350v(x2)
    I paid $220 for the parts and the buyer of the amp can have these for an additional $
    Last, I have an EML 5U4G tube that I used for 20 hours.It's like new.  If the amp buyer wants this too, it is an additional $175 ($new).
    So you can get just the amp, stock tubes, bonus tubes, and extra long umbilical cable ($, or the amp and upgrade parts ($), or amp, parts, and EML tube ($).
    It's a ton of really cool stuff.  I hate to see it go.  Somebody's going to have fun with this!  I have a little feedback here, but I can also provide you with my Audiogon and eBay feedbacks if desired.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. indydieselnut
    You have a PM.  I look forward to discussing this with you. 
  3. jason300b
    sale pending
  4. OutdoorXplorer
    I would like to salvage the 24" Umbilical Cable & EML 5U4G tube if these are available to be purchased separately.
    Best of luck,
  5. Denys
    Hi, PM sent for Blackgate parts...
  6. fmzip
  7. Denys
    I paid you on August 12, and I never received anything yet....neither a confirmation that you sent the merchandise....
    I have no choice but to ask a full refund.
  8. matthewh133
    You paid on the 12th and have received no confirmation? Hmm.. [​IMG]
  9. xthakila
    i smell scandal
  10. Denys
    I claimed refund on Paypal....but I have my doubts...
    Since August 12, I ordered twice from Monoprice, located in California, and I received both orders....
    Moreover, I never had a tracking number from Jason300B...
    He has a good record  on Audiogon (unless it's not the same person)...and a couple of good feefback here...
    It's too bad, I really hoped I could improve my WA6SE...
    Honestly, I do not expect anything back.... he never replied to me...nor he replied to Paypal....
    Seems like I lost.... anyway, thought I should let the community know....for what it could help...
  11. Prpnnightmare
    Terribly sorry to hear it mate, it's a real shame..
  12. Denys
    I just received an email from Paypal saying I'd receive a full refund....
    Too bad, I wish I'd receive the merchandise instead....If Jason300b ever changes his mind... I'll pay him...
    I don't get it....why people act like this...is it really worth it ????
    rocknrolldoctor likes this.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    Denys, I'm glad to see you received a refund. jason300b doesn't seem to have signed in since August 12, but regardless, I have disabled his account.

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