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FS : Woo Audio WA6 - SOLD

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by dgilz, Oct 15, 2012.
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  1. dgilz
    For Sale
    For sale, my WA6 (recent model wih PDPS) price for the amp with stock tubes only would be 490€ shipping included in the EU.
    The amp is in really good condition, works perfectly well.

    I will ship only to the EU and without the power cord. Shipment is included in the price (registered parcel with insurance and signature).

    The price for the WA6 with the following tubes would be 690€ :

    - Sophia Princess
    - Shuguang 274B
    - TUNG-SOL 5V4GA
    - 7N7 w/ Woo Audio adapters (with 2 pairs of tubes : Tung-Sol and RCA)
    - Mazda 5ZAGT
    - Brimar 5Z4G
    - SVETLANA =C= 5U4G
    - JAN military 5R4GY
    - USAF RCA 5U4G
    - one pair of 6FDE USA

    Most of these tubes were bought NOS, and are now used, basically between 20 and 30 hours max each, sometimes even less.

    In addition, I have for sale an EML 274B (160€) used nearly 40 hours and 1 matched pair of 6GL7/6EM7 plus one pair of 6GL7->6DE7 Teflon tube adapters (90€) used something like 20 hours.
    The price for the whole bundle WA6 and tubes listed above and EML and 6EM7+adapters would be 890€ shipment included.

    I accept paypal, but don't accept the paypal fees which should remain on the buyer side. My last sale went really fine via wire transfer, it is an option as well.

    Of course local pick up and payment in Paris is possible as well, and I will gladly offer you a nice glass of French wine with some nice "apéritif", if you come all this way to take the amp with you. :cool:
  2. benson2991
    support 220v?
  3. dgilz

    Yes, it does.
    All woo audio products are switchable from one voltage to another, I thought it was visible on the last picture... :wink:
  4. dgilz
    Price drop ! :wink:
  5. xyypersuer
    Bonjour, puisque je viens d'acheter le Denon D7100 (25 ohm), je voudrais savoir si Woo Audio va bien avec les ecouters "low-independance" ? J'habite a Paris, 14 eme.
  6. Bloodflowerz
    Where did you purchase it from and when?
    Do you have the receipt?
  7. dgilz

    I've bought it here on head-fi from leongiu the first owner and importer of this amp.

    The amp is not available at the moment : sale is now pending, I'm waiting for the payment from my buyer.
  8. dgilz
    Sold :cool:
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