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FS: Woo Audio WA6 (Australia) - SOLD

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  1. SirBenn21
    For Sale
    Up for sale is the famous Woo Audio WA6. It's in GREAT condition. I have my eye on another Amp and unfortunately this has to go if I want it.
    For the above mentioned price you will get the Woo Audio WA6 Amplifier plus the following:
    1. 1X 5U4C Rectifier tube (USSR) -SOLD
    2. 1X 5U4GB SYLVANIA Rectifier tube (USA) - SOLD
    3. X1 matched Pair 6CY7 - SOLD
    4. X1 matched Pair 6EA7 - SOLD
    5. 1X matched Pair RCA 6EW7 - SOLD
    Optional Extras ONLY: not included in above deal.
    1. X1 Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B rectifier  (only 10 hours play time)
    2. (X1 matched pair of 6GL7 Zenith) plus (X1 matched pair 6FD7 Zenith) Plus one pair of 6GL7->6DE7 Teflon tube adapters (both tube pairs fit in adapters)
    1. 1X matched Pair RCA 6EW7
    Postage within Australia will be Registered Express $40 for the amp and $15 for tubes. Bank Transfer would be my preferred method of payment.
    I am willing to send the tubes international for $25 and the Amp for $100 with a promise to refund the difference if it's cheaper.
    Thanks for having a look.
  2. trippinonprozac
    Hi mate,
    I am very interested!
    Where are you located in aus?
  3. SirBenn21
    Updated my profile. Should be clear now.
  4. davidk9205
    You have PM.
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