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FS: Woo Audio WA6 and WA6SE driver tubes - NOS/tested

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  1. indydieselnut
    For Sale
    ***02/07/2013*** Okay, final "sale" on the remaining tubes.  I'd really like to clear them out:
     - Buy all six remaining pairs for $55, shipped
     - OR, $12/pair plus shipping. 
    Thanks for looking at my ad!  News of my family growing made me recently part with my Woo Audio WA6SE.  Over a few months I collected a large number of driver tubes for the amp.  These were all purchased as NOS tubes from several sources - respected internet tube stores, Woo Audio themselves, and highly-rated Ebay sellers.  Still not content to use my amp as a tube tester, I sent ALL of my tubes to TC Tubes for testing ($2 per tube).  All tubes listed below tested good and come with an individual report (you can see them wrapped around each tube).  One disclaimer - I am NOT a tube expert and am selling these tubes AS IS.  They were sold to me as NOS tubes and they have been rated good tubes as the result of the testing.  
    1 pair - Raytheon 6DE7 skinny bottle - $18/pair
    1 pair - GE 6DE7 skinny bottle - $18/pair
    1 pair - GE 6EW7 big bottle - SOLD
    1 pair - Sylvania 6EW7 big bottle - SOLD
    1 pair - "Generic" USA 6FD7 big bottle - SOLD
    4 pairs - RCA 6EW7 skinny bottle - $18/pair
    1 pair - Tung-Sol 6FD7 big bottle - SOLD
    1 pair - Pinnacle 6DR7 skinny bottle - SOLD
    Price includes paypal fees but NOT shipping.  I will ship these in USPS flat-rate boxes and will charge shipping based on the number of pairs purchased.  Please PM me with interest.
    I want to manage expectations here - it is not my plan to photograph every pair of tubes or answer detailed questions regarding print quality, etc on every tube.  Last time I checked, this variant of driver tube is not as collectible as a Western Electric 300B.  I feel by buying them NOS and then having them professionally tested (there were some rejected and they are NOT being offered as part of this sale) covers my bases as far as fairly representing these tubes.  I did all of this in anticipation of using them in my own amp...but things change.  
  2. keph
    PM me price for Everything a pair except for the Sylvania 6EW7 + shipping to Beijing, China using USPS.
    Thank You,
  3. indydieselnut
    Absolutely Kevin.  I'm keeping the group together for another day in case anyone wants to buy the entire lot.  After that you're first in line for the tubes you requested.
  4. redcat2
    PM Sent
  5. redcat2
    Pm Sent
  6. redcat2
    Payment Sent
  7. Norway
    Sent another PM wanting to buy another two pair of GE 6DE7 skinny bottle, the synergy with LCD-2 rev. 1 on WA6-SE is very impact full. :D
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