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FS: Woo Audio 1

  1. Mazuki
    This is an old school amp from Jack's first days as a tube headamp builder. It's basically a commercialised van Waarde amp.

    It is a White Cathode Follower design employing a single 6922/6DJ8 tube for the input stage and a single 6AS7/6080 for the output.

    The sound is clean and powerful. It's in the same league as the Darkvoice 336. I have to sell this because I'm accumulating way too many amps at home. This is a great starter tube amp for the emerging tube lover.

    You can read more reviews HERE and HERE.

    Pictures of mine:



    You can see more pictures of other versions on Woo Audio's website.

    The tubes included in the package are one Sovtek 6922 (not pictured) and one RCA 6AS7GA tube.

    I would like SOLD (CONUS, Paypal) shipped for this amp.

    My feedback is here.

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