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FS: WM1A with Music Sanctuary Premium Plus K mod $1650

Trader History (5)
  1. jrbgarcia
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
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  2. jrbgarcia
  3. jrbgarcia
    Price drop to $1200
  4. Erfan Elahi
    Sorry, I am not writing too buy, but how does it sounds after modding? Does it get's close to WM1z?And which cable you used personally?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  5. jrbgarcia
    Hi. It gets you about 85% to the 1a. Simply changing the wires can't get you the resolution of the 1z tho. It adds a lot of air and treble, while pushing the mids forward and making them have more body. Used the 1960s 2 wire for my IEMs, while getting the 4 wire mod for the 1a itself
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  6. Erfan Elahi
    That's pretty good and worthy invest. There should be a mod offer for the ZX300 too... There are many in that thread think of upgrading to 1a / 1z or get a too improve the SQ...
  7. jrbgarcia
    They do mod it fyi
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  8. bvng3540
    You have any prove that it has the noted mod on this Dap?
  9. jrbgarcia
    Yep. I can take screen shots of my conversations with Calvin, the owner of ms

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