FS: Westone 3 (Melbourne-Australia --- International Possible)
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Dec 2, 2008
I'm selling my portable headphones to fund my camera purchase...
I'll also post an ad. for Sennheiser IE8s later (1 year old).. (If you have an offer for them let me know)
I bought these from Canada more than a year ago, maybe 1.5 years..(The price then was ~$560). As Westone doesn't allow change of ownership/warranty transfer, I didn't try to find the exact date... but if you really wanna know I'll be happy to find it for you..
They comes with the Original box with a lot of tips.. (In addition to standard tips, 2 pairs of modified Tri-Flange tips, 3 Pairs of medium Shure Olives). As you might know, the included white foam tips get dirty pretty quick, so only the long thin white tip is in good condition, I lost the small one and bigger one isn't usable.
Tri-flange and Olives are my favourite anyways, they have long life and the best sound quality (Tri-flange are more versatile and Olives are more durable and comfortable).
I'm selling them for $300AUD Shipped free anywhere in Australia.
We can also discuss the "International price" via pm..
The condition is superb, with no damage what-so-ever to earphones and no wiring issues. You're welcome to come check/try-out, just let me know and we can arrange a meeting..
Item Location: Melbourne 3146, Australia
P.S. Here's my Feedback thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/407684/jogiya
Yeah, I sold IE8's.. bought them again and selling them again together with W3's because I need the money


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