[FS] Vic's Mid-Tier Purge! Hiby R6 SS w/Blue Leather Case $525 OBO

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    Today we have for sale a Hiby R6 Stainless Steel version with the Blue Leather Case
    - #1 on my list of all-time portable daps. Yeah, beats the iBasso DX200, FiiO X7II and Onkyo DP-X1. Not all of it is SQ related. I think the DX200 is #1 there, and I like the FiiO over the Hiby. But! Neither one has close to the same battery life, and the Hiby is snappier that either of those. I'd take the Hiby over the DP-X1 any day of the week. You get DTA architecture, MSEB on the Hiby Music app, dac functionality, plus wifi and bluetooth. Pretty much the complete package of features. Been using this mainly to stream Tidal at work, but work's wifi isn't reliable and cuts out. Switched to the Essential phone for the LTE streaming when wifi was down and discovered I liked the stacking solution. May still keep this around. Updated to latest firmware.
    - Original box
    - Most accessories, including the micro-sd tray ejector and a charging cable. Also has at least one screen protector and a silicone case. I ordered a leather case from Hiby, but it isn't here yet.
    - Condition: Used, with some signs. It's stainless steel, so it's in good shape. Screen protector has some marks and could use a change for a new owner.
    - Note: The 2.5mm jack appears a bit off center. I don't use it anymore (I don't need the power to drive my iems), but as far as I can tell, it works just fine. Tested recently and had no issues. Just thought you all should know.

    Shipping to ConUS: Free
    International shipping: $50 (USPS Priority International)
    PayPal fees: None to you.
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