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FS: Vero 1/4 Single End to Balanced XLR adapter - needs RMA

Trader History (52)
  1. Noodlz
    For Sale
    Wanted to see if anyone would be interested getting a great deal on these. 
    - Vero Full 1/4 female to Balanced XLR Cable** (single end to balanced)
        - $150 during indiegogo 
        - selling it for $75
       ** this one works great but need to get serviced (signal goes fuzz if twisted weird). I've already sent MIT for an RMA but just havent had the time to send this out. If purchased i'll send them a note about transfer of ownership. and if you want i can send it to them for the RMA and then have it shipped out to you after.
    ** Prices include shipping & paypal fees
  2. czy6412
    PM sent

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