FS: upgraded Rega RP3 (RP-3) turntable, Nagaoka MM cartridge, Funk Firm Achromat

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    Up for sale is my upgraded, cool looking white Rega RP3.

    (for a full set of pictures, please check out https://photos.app.goo.gl/g6wH62dTAHdHSc6d6).

    Included in the sale are:
    This "RP6 on a budget" combo is for sale at $630.

    Also for sale are:
    I am selling the cartridge and stylus (in practice a Nagaoka MP-200 in 8/10 conditions) for $270.


    I will sell the combination of the TT, Achromat, and cartridge (all of the above, over $1450 new) for $900. If the buyer is interested, I can preset the VTA spacer, and mount and align the Nagaoka for them. This combination will slay a stock RP-3/Elys 2 and will compare favorably to an RP6/Exact 2.

    I am the first owner of all these items except for the Achromat, which I bought second-hand. I have the original packaging and all original accessories for the Rega and the Nagaoka (see pictures).

    Prices are for local SF Bay Area sale, cash payment. I am based in Albany and available to meet the buyer for pickup or delivery. I can (reluctantly) ship the RP3 double-boxed in its original packaging to the 48 contiguous US states for an additional $70 (inclusive of PayPal fees).

    If you are interested only in the Nagaoka or the Achromat, please contact me to discuss shipping costs.
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  3. calaf Contributor
    now considering shipping to the 48 US
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