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FS: upgraded Audio-GD referense 5.32 fully balanced PCM1704UK R2R DAC

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  1. tme110
    For Sale
    Basically new in box fully upgraded ref-5.32.  1 RCA out was upgraded to BNC, includes the TCXO upgrade, OCC wiring and both the DIR9001 and WM8805 SPDIF chips.
    Potentially better than new.  I recently received this item, checked it for operation, hooked it up and started burning it in, left town, got back turned everything off, did the first listening on Monday and then boxed it back up.  It has almost no use (maybe 3 hours of actual use) but does have at least 200 hours of burn in so you can skip that painful step.
    I ordered this DAC, after borrowing someone else's and knowing I wanted it, the day before I saw that the Oppo 105 was coming out.  I have always wanted a R2R DAC and a 1704 DAC but I decided to simplify my system and I'm pretty happy with the OPPO 105 so the ref-5 has to go.  If it were any other company I'd just send it back for a full refund but since this was shipped from China, I can't do that.  I have no idea what a good price is but I took $100 of, I paid $1047 for this DAC.
    I tested all the inputs and both chips and everything works.  The optical input is the single best optical I have ever used on any DAC.  I've never had a DAC that the optical didn't get touchy with hi-res music but this one will take 24/192 over optical and play perfectly with no resulting static.  I've never been a usb user but I was very impressed using usb connected from a MAC book.  A clear step up from the older AGD usb cards that I've had but never used. I still use BNC myself since that's the way my system is set up.
    None of the included bags have been opened, so none of the cables have been used (including power cable). I didn't open the bag with the jumpers so I never did change any of the internal settings. It will ship in it's original shipping box in the exact same way it came from China.
    I will pay shipping.  CONUS only.  If you want a specific shipping or double box or insurance that is on you to cover.  Paypal is extra.
    I also have an iso capable Oppo BDP-103, Audio-GD NFB-10ES, synchromesh, T1, D2000 (NIB), and others
  2. autarch1
    posted in wrong place.
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