FS: Ultrasone HFI-580 (Price Reduced!)
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Jun 7, 2010
For sale is an Ultrasone HFI-580.  I'm the second owner of these and they were used sparingly by both the former and myself.  In fact, when I first received these they hadn't been broken in, so I ran them for approximately 150 hours with varied content.  The top end smoothed out a bit and the frequency response across the spectrum tightened up nicely.  They served me well as a secondary headphone when isolation (which is amongst the best that I've experienced) was required (not often) and were stored in the supplied cloth bag when not in use.
The HFI-580 has been saddled with the "basshead can" label by many around the board, but I would disagree.  This is NOT a headphone that injects bass where it isn't supposed to be, (unlike the Darth Beyer, PRO-900, etc.) but when called on to churn out the low end it answers splendidly.  The bass isn't only impressive in quantity but also well textured and relegated to the basement -- away from the mids.  The presentation is slightly on the bright side of neutral with slightly forward treble leading them to sound "exciting" without being overdone and detracting from their versatility.  While not required, they take well to amping as running them from my Apogee Duet 2's headphone output took their spaciousness and detail retrieval up a notch while adding some pleasant weight to the midrange.  It should be noted, however, that they didn't pair well with more powerful amping as the presentation was too punchy and aggressive for my liking.  I don't own portables, but I'm guessing that they would pair well with a wide variety of them. (maybe something with a touch of warmth)  As a package, I much prefer the HFI-580 to my previously owned ALO-modded HFI-780 and PRO-900 as the two latter headphones had unpleasantly harsh, metallic treble and the 900 was too uncontrolled in the bass.
The reason for the sale is that I purchased an AKG K550 and have no need for two sealed headphones.  I find both to be versatile with the HFI-580 to be more fun and involving (punchier) while the K550 is more analytical and nuanced.  They have their distinct advantages over one another and could easily see someone preferring the Ultrasones, but I guess I'm just a boring kind of guy. :)
These come with everything: the 1/4" screw on adapter, cloth bag, demo CD, and original packaging.  Everything is in impeccable shape, save for one scratch on the left cup that was there when I received them.  I have yet to see an Ultrasone with aluminum cup plates that didn't have some sort of damage on them.  I did my best to take a picture of it and yes it's subtle, but for those as obsessed with the condition of their gear as I am it's worth noting.
I'd prefer to keep this sale within the continental US, but will entertain offers from international buyers with my typical disclaimer that they assume all responsibility for the safe arrival of these headphones.  The cost is $OLD gifted via PayPal. (or add 3% to the total cost)  I will pay for shipping via tracked USPS Priority to anywhere within the 'States.  International buyers, please contact me for additional shipping costs.
Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!
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