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[FS] Tung Sol 6F8G VT99 (6SN7) NOS NIB 1950s Adapters Extreme Good Readings

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  1. fallow81
    For Sale
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    For sale outstanding good NOS NIB New Old Stock, New In Box matched pair Tung Sol 6F8G (6SN7 with adapters) Box Plate tubes from 1950s (the same production bath and year)
    VT-99 Military version

    Box Plate has more neutral sound and more air than Round Plate. Round plate has elevated mid-bass and less air nad less micro-details than Box Plate.

    Tubes are in original packages.

    Tested on Hickock TV3.
    New NOS Readings: 1925 / 1925
    Minimum Readings: 1250 / 1250 (65%)

    This pair tests at: 2350/2750 and 2300/2500 (WAIT above 100%) Tubes are also tested for sound, no hum, no brum, no noise.

    6F8G to 6SN7 adapters:
    I am including also silver (in teflon) adapters with nice brown base. Adapters are handmade in Poland. This is not cheap chinese stuff.

    I will ship worldwide via Priority Airmail Registered from Poland (3..8 days on the world depending your location). I can make the service economic with tracking or switch to EMS/Courier if you need.

    My old feedback -> https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fallow81.329783/
    Current -> https://www.head-fi.org/trader/history?user_id=62862

    20180804_172916.jpg 20180804_172922.jpg 20180804_172937.jpg 20180804_172946.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  2. fallow81
    Price drop to 199 USD
  3. fallow81
    Price drop. It is like a steal. So pristine and top pair. You will not find such good pair on ebay. The only reason I am selling those is that I no longer use 6SN7 based gear.
  4. fallow81
    Final price drop. 179 USD. The price is almost impossible Guys! :) Come on.
  5. fallow81
    Bump. Price drop
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  6. fallow81

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