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FS: Tung Sol 5998 Power Tube

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  1. Thaddy Contributor
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    Up for sale is a single Tung Sol 5998 power tube. I purchased this set a long time ago for my Woo Audio WA2 when they were still fairly available. Unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy them very long because one of the tubes died. I figured I might as well include both tubes as they have matching date codes, and I hate to split them up. Just know that the tube in the box marked with an X is a goner. To confirm, I just tested these again in my WA2 and only one works.

    These were originally purchased from VacuumTubes.net as a matched pair. This is probably one of the most sought after power tubes, pairs are going for $400 on eBay.

    I'm asking $150 shipped in the CONUS.


    008.JPG 007.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019 at 8:32 PM
  2. Thaddy Contributor
    Sale pending!
  3. Thaddy Contributor
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