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Mar 29, 2014
Wanted to consolidate my threads, get rid of the old photos and clutter, so here is the new one.  Review my old posts for previous tubes sold.
Same with the other threads, will note the tubes were tested with a TV7B/U that was calibrated March of 2015.  If you wish to see photos of individual test results I am able to do so but please understand work keeps me very busy and it may take a day or two to retest them and get you the photos, will place items on hold in interim.
All tubes are used, I try to track hours as possible but for me music is listening not analytically evaluating, so I estimate very high on hours to error on the side of caution.  These tubes were used in either a WA22 or Decware Taboo Mk3.
NOTE:  Buyer is responsible for providing the fee noted for the cost of the tube, this cost includes shipping but not the PayPal fee.  Per forum rules Gift should not be used but we can discuss options if requested privately.  
Items ship CONUS or Local Pickup in Las Vegas only.  I've learned customs is a pain and don't have the time at the moment, apologies international folks.
1 x Pair Western Electric 421A ($275)
    Tube #1:     50/49 
    Tube #2:     50/49    
    Minimum:   40/40
  1. Clean yellow Western Electric writing
  2. Matching Date Code: 6326
  3. Purchased from Arizona Tube Supply - 2014
  4. Approximately 600 hours use
  5. Test Date: 4/25/2015


1 x Pair Tung-Sol/Chatham 6520 ($80)
    Tube #1:     50/50    (Date Code: 817)
    Tube #2:     52/52    (Date Code: 5912)
    Minimum:    36/36
  1. Tube 1 has white lettering, Tube 2 has yellow lettering, both very clean.
  2. Approximately 20 hours used
  3. Test Date: 4/25/2015
  4. Tested using 6AS7 settings - they are a variant and could not locate 6520 specific calibration information.


1 x Pair RCA 6F8G ($70) 
    Tube #1:     82/86
    Tube #2:     84/86
    Minimum:   50/50
  1. Smoked Glass / Round Mica / Flat Black Plate 
  2. Markings: RCA Logo, 6F8G glass, Made in U.S.A.
  3. Matching Date Code: 7-43
  4. Approximately 5-10 hours used.
  5. Test Date: 4/26/2015




General Electronics JAN-CDR-1641 / RK-60 
Price: (SOLD)
Test 1: 71/70
Test 2: 71/70
Test 3: 71/70
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in WA22)
Minimum Value: 50/50
Codes/Markings: 638 / JAN-CDR 
Date: September 1956
NOTE:  Orginal Packaging / Some wear and tear.  RK-60 Adapter with Grid Wires Included


Phillips (no chalk) GZ34/5AR4 (Metal Base) 
Price: $325
Test 1: 57/58
Test 2: 58/58
Test 3: 58/59
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in DNA Sonett)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Codes/Markings: TV2/57G engraved / Chalk lettering has wiped away
NOTE: Philips packaging - not original box

Mullard GZ34/5AR4 (Metal Base)
Price: $350
Test 1: 58/57
Test 2: 58/57
Test 3: 59/57
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in WA22)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Codes/Markings: TV2/57G engraved / Mullard Shield, GZ34 & BVA Logo / Made in Holland
NOTE: Not original packaging

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Mar 29, 2014
Not much interest (probably the price and I understand) and got another amp on the way so will hang on to them for now.  Thanks everyone who I have dealt with recently.
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