FS/Trade: Mr. Speakers Ether C Flows + DUM 1/4 and DUM Balanced 4-Pin XLR

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by kdoof, Jun 9, 2018.
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    Looking to sell a pair of Ether C Flows including a DUM 1/4" cable and DUM Balanced XLR. Includes everything -- original box, certificate of authenticity and documentation, microfiber cloth (unused), maroon hardshell case.

    Am also tentatively interested in trades for DACs, DAC/amps, certain headphones (ZMF Eikons/Auteur, HD800/800s).

    Gallery with images; https://imgur.com/a/bp2NDXs

    Price includes shipping and Paypal fees.

    A small note, I did lose the red rubber band that indicates which cable is Right on the 1/4" cable. Everything else is in great condition.
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  2. kdoof
    Bump! Make me an offer.
  3. kdoof
    Bump with a price drop, and pics are incoming tonight.
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  4. kdoof

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