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FS: Toxic Cables Black Widow v2, 2-pin, 4,4mm, 8-braid + Adapter 4,4mm to 3,5mm, Full Carbon, Transculent Black

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    Hi there,

    a real beauty is up for sale now.

    The cable was purchased last year in June and took about 14 weeks to arrive (usually "just" 7 - 8 weeks at that time).
    Frank offered me to hold my order for 2 more weeks, so when the first patch of v2 Black Widow Cables arrive, he would make me a v2 one, so I took the offer and wasn't disappointed:
    My love for watching documentaries while travelling long distances didn't pair well with my Sony Player ( bcs of not supporting any video sources), so I had to order a fitting 8-braided Black Widow v2 adapter as well.

    Unlike other high quality copper cables I've tried so far, where the sound is already alot more in place with better seperation, transition and resolution, this one is similar to those as well, however, the whole image is noticeably less mushy, without losing the the natural richness, that comes along with copper. It's a really, really superb qualitative sound signature. :)

    Reason for selling is, that I ordered myself an 8-braid Silver Widow, which will approximately arrive in April 2019 (ayy).

    Cable will only go with the adapter, however, I'm willing to let the adapter go without the cable.

    Cable: 390 €
    Adapter: 110 €
    Paypal included.

    I'm aware of the price tag. Please don't ask for negotiations, please. :)
    If you have any other questions, please let me know!

    Kind regards
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  2. 3294
  3. iron2k
    How much to US, Texas
  4. 3294
    Would be around 12€, sent as priority + tracking. :)
  5. 3294

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