FS: Total Bithead Amp - SOLD
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Jan 28, 2008
I am selling off all my headphone gear because I simply am not using them. One of these items is my Total Bithead amp from HeadRoom.

This is a great entry-level amp that I used exclusively via USB from my PC (to bypass the garbage sound card that's in it). I pushed my Denon D2000s very nicely with it.

I purchased this in April, 2008 from Headroom directly so it still has the balance of it's two year warranty on it. The unit has never given me any problems.

Anyway,it is in excellent condition cosmetically and functions perfectly.

I'm looking for $SOLD$ shipped to anywhere in the CONUS.

Please PM if interested or if you have any questions.

I'm also selling an RSA Tomahawk Amp, Denon AHD2000s, and Shure SE-530PTH IEMs (all through other posts)


P.S. I don't have any feedback here, but I have 100% positive feedback at both Audiogon and Ebay. PM me for my screen names there if references are required.

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