FS: Toshiba SD1600 DVD player, like new
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Jun 26, 2001
I'm selling a Toshiba SD1600 DVD player, which was a "100% Recommended" player on epinions. It's a great player with lots of great features, and it's in mint condition.

Description (from Amazon when we bought it for around $225):


Toshiba's SD-1600 further refines the stellar model for DVD quality pioneered with the company's popular SD-3109 and SD-1200. Among the SD-1600's standout features are composite-video, S-Video, and ColorStream component-video outputs; Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel digital outputs; 10-bit, 27 MHz video digital-to-analog converters; and high-resolution (24 bits, 96 kHz) digital-audio converters.

For video purists, the SD-1600 also offers PLUGE, a feature granting the player the ability to pass below-black (or blacker-than-black) signals, which in turn lets you accurately set black levels on your monitor--critical in a home theater. This player is also DVD and CD Text compatible, so if you're using a DVD Text- or CD Text-encoded disc, the player will display disc and song titles for your convenience.

A convenient feature called parallel video output lets you connect your Toshiba DVD player via composite-, component-, and/or S-Video outputs and watch simultaneous images from each connected TV or monitor. This is ideal for multiroom applications.

It's in the original box with all original materials, manuals, etc. We paid around $225 for it just over a year ago; asking $110 obo.

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