FS: Theta Digital Pearl CD Transport - Black
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Nov 19, 2001
SOLD. Theta Digital Pearl CD transport in black.

A little background that's totally honest and may be of help, particularly to someone pondering the option to go to separates. A few years ago, I had both the desire to make a big step up in CD playback quality and the bucks to do so. Based on a very positive review on 6moons dotcom, I bought a Reimyo DAP-777 DAC on Audiogon for a little over 2 grand. When it arrived and I hooked it up to my Pioneer audio CD recorder with the Stable Platter Mechanism, I was terribly disappointed by the sound— it was absolutely not what I expected to hear after spending that kind of money.

Fortunately, I was able to bring the unit over to an audio friend's home and hear the Reimyo DAC with his transport, a heavily modified Sony DVP-S7700 DVD/CD player. That transport brought the Reimyo to life (sounded very similar to my friend's latest version Dodson DAC), proved the importance of the transport in the transport/DAC relationship, and lived up to the 6moons review that said the Reimyo DAC required quality components upstream.

As I was tapped out after buying the DAC, I bought a stock Sony DVP-S7700, and the sound was very pleasing. But a few months later, at a local Head-fi meet, another friend (who has Wadia and other very pricey digital gear) suggested upgrading my transport before buying a new headphone amp. So I recalibrated my path (source first!) and bought this very same Theta Pearl.

The Pearl was a striking improvement over the Sony, the biggest differences being better (tauter, better controlled and more distinct) bass, and greater separation of instruments overall. Semi-ironically, the Pearl also uses the Pioneer Stable Platter Mechanism, which proves that there's a lot more going on in the Pearl than just the SPM. But time waits for no audiophile, so it's time to upgrade again and give another audio seeker a chance to step up the ladder as well.

Unit is in excellent condition, no functional issues whatsoever. Has coax and AES/EBU outputs. Remote control included, works perfectly.

Will try to get pix of actual unit up in next few days. SOLD includes insured shipping in U.S. Paypal or USPS money order, please. Can deliver in NY metro/CT area.

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