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FS: T5p/Sig Pro/Pro 900/MD tribute/E17

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by thisthingz, Oct 1, 2012.
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  1. thisthingz
    For Sale
    I'm getting rid of the headphones I don't listen to often, so here they are:
    Beyerdynamic T5p - good condition, no significant scratches. The entire headphone adjustment mechanism (new, on order from germany) is currently being replaced by the beyerdynamic USA repair service. I'm not sure when I will have them back, but they have been in repair for about a month and a half so I hope soon. 775$ - PENDING TRADE
    Ultrasone Signature Pro - Purchased at the end of July, ~50 hours on the headphones. Still in like new condition. 740$ SOLD
    Ultrasone Pro 900 /w J$ denon pad mod - Headphones are in like new condition, ~50 hour burn in, 50 hours worn. I did the pad mod myself, the change is dramatic from the stock pads. The mid/bass is fuller and deeper and the headphones generally sound less anemic. Also comes with a pair of new stock velour pads. x$ or x$ for J$ pads modified for pro 900 or 280$ for the pro 900(partial kee's mod currently, full or no kees mod can be available on request)
    Miles Davis Tributes - 120$ worn a couple times, was given as a gift but the recipient didn't like them that much. The large super tips (foam/silicon) is not included, but everything else is.
    Fiio E17 - 110$-SOLD, fully charged and used ~5 times, no scratches and everything is included.
    Open to offers
    Shipping out of CONUS can be arranged with additional shipping costs.
    More pictures available upon request, except for the T5p which I do not have currently. The pictures were taken right before they were shipped out.
    update: the t5p's should be back within 2 weeks.
  2. itshot
    1.5 month for a repair?! mine only took 2.5 weeks...
  3. thisthingz
    Yeah. They had to order the earcup adjustment part from Germany... I'm guessing its taking a while because they are out of stock or something.
  4. itshot
    ah nice... i just got a whole nother pair.
  5. cantsleep Contributor
    mine took 6 months so 1.5 isnt too bad
  6. stevenstefke
    send PM
  7. LazBro123
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