FS/T:Cambridge Soundworks Model 11 plus Musical FidelityX-10D tube line buffer
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Jan 10, 2002
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Jan 10, 2002
Up for sale is, arguably, the finest sounding mini sound system you will ever hear/own.
I am offering my Cambridge Soundworks Model 11 (now sold by www.hifi.com as the Model 12). This is a satellite speaker system powered by a very nicely matched amp. The amp and satellite speakers fit into a brilliantly designed suit case which functions as the sub-woofer when the system is set up. Put everything except the Musical Fidelity X-10 into the case and off you go.
This is the original model 11 designed by the great Henry Kloss himself. Like much of vintage audio the Model 11 has (IMHO) a superior build/sound quality to the current Model 12. Two points of note: there is no headphone jack on the original model 11 and the speaker wire to the satellites is connected at the amp with 2 prong DIN connectors, most commonly used in car audio installation. The sub is connected by the DIN at the speaker. Beats me why Mr. Kloss chose this connector. They work fine but it makes speaker cable up-grade problematic. With the system comes:
*The Musical Fidelity X-10D tube line buffer Highly sought after.
*Two pair of interconnect cables by Audio Arts IC-1 (less than 5 hours burn in), see my review here at Head-fi
*A vintage Sony PCDP that fits inside the suit case.

I am preparing to move and would like to sell the system complete for $325 plus 3% for Paypal plus $40 shipping. (please no inquires about purchasing separate items) Paypal preferred. If you have a headphone amp and pair of Senn. headphones I may be interested in a trade. all items are in 8/10 condition.
The system will ship in two boxes one for the Model 11 one for the Musical Fidelity X-10D.
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