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    Up for sale is a Surgex SA1810 which is one of if not the best (no that’s not hyperbole) surge suppressors made.

    The SA1810 features a magnetic shielding steel enclosure and a self-test circuit with visual indicator and provide EMI/RFI filtering. It meets Federal Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1 guidelines for powerline surge suppressors and withstands at least 1000 occurrences of surge pulse voltages up to 6000 volts which are the highest guidelines available and it does this without any MOVs!!

    I am selling this because I need the funds for another DIY project. I am asking $265 shipped including PayPal fees.

    Here are some specs:

    -EMI/RFI Filter, Normal Mode (50-ohm load): 40 dB @ 100 kHz; 50 dB @ 300 kHz; 50 dB @ 3 MHz; 50 dB @ 30 MHz
    -EMI/RFI Filter, Common Mode (50-ohm load): 18 dB @ 300 kHz; 30 dB @ 1 MHz; 50 dB @ 5 MHz; 50 dB @ 20 MHz
    -Maximum Applied Surge Voltage: 6000 volts.
    -Maximum Applied Surge Current: Unlimited, due to current limiting.
    -Maximum Applied Surge Energy: Unlimited, due to current limiting.
    -Endurance (C62.41-1991 Category B3 pulses): 1 kV>500,000; 3 kV>10,000; 6 kV>1000.

    244DB044-FB04-4D11-8D24-86817E471BD2.jpeg FBD24DD8-37E1-4FED-B2BA-3B67C45861FF.jpeg
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