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FS: Stax SRM-323s

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by wind016, Nov 28, 2011.
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  1. wind016
    For Sale
    There is some hum in the unit, but there is NO hum when the volume pot is set on maximum. I think it is a grounding issue.
    I hope to get . Shipping and Paypal is not included, but added. Paypal is 3%.
    Thank for the interest.
  2. zenpunk
    Can it be used with 240V (UK) ?
  3. wind016


    I think you will need a step down transformer. I'm using a step down transformer from American 110 V to 100 V for the amplifier.
  4. MuppetFace
    This is actually the best way to go to drive the O2 for well under a grand, imho. Definitely a nice way for any potential buyer to get into the world of 'stats!
  5. wind016

    Thanks so much for the comment MuppetFace! Yes, I would agree. I thought the differences between this amplifier and the KGSS were negligible, but that's just me.
    Just wanted to warn again that there isn't much hum at the first half of the volume pot, but there is at the last half which is rather loud. There is, once again, no hum on maximum volume. Previous owner with a Stax 507 did not hear hum at all, but I'm not sure how loud he pushed it.
  6. wind016
    Price dropped by $100!
  7. wind016
    Payment pending.
  8. MuppetFace


    Just thought I'd add, I've had similar experiences with Stax amps that have turned out to be grounding issues. It's a simple fix. Just run a wire from the grounding post on the back of the amp to an outlet screw. Assuming it is a grounding issue, of course.
  9. wind016
    Amp has been sold.
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