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FS: SR60i, Pro 750, HD 25 I II, SRH 840. All Sold or Traded.

  1. Palpatine
    All headphones are in fantastic condition.
    Only the HD25 I II has no box, all others do.
    Prices are in US funds:

    SR60i $ 50 ( outer box ) SOLD to a nice dude.
    Pro 750 $175 ( hard case, extra pads, etc, outer box )
    HD 25 I II $150 SOLD to a nice dude.
    SRH 840 $130. ( outer box ) SOLD to a nice dude.

    Buyer to pay actual shipping.
    Ships from Canada.
    Paypal only please.

  2. Palpatine

    Ultrasone Pro 750 awesome shape. Hard case, extra pads, cables, outer box in new condition: $175
  3. Palpatine

    Price drop on the Pro 750
  4. epithetless

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