FS: Soundcard --> amp Cable (BL-1)
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Mar 7, 2007
This is a cable I made to connect my Echo Mia sound card to an amplifier. The cable is DH Labs BL-1 (silver-plated copper). There are DH Labs RCA connectors on one end, and Neutrik 1/4" connectors on the other. All connectors are gold-plated. The shield drain wire is connected to the source side (1/4").

It's 2.5 feet long--not including connectors--with three patches of double-layer adhesive-lined heat shrink binding the two cables together.

The red and white on the RCA connectors is plain old heat shrink. Some of the adhesive seeped out from the cable's heatshrink. It doesn't bug me, but you could easily slice it off if you wanted.

The Neutrik plugs are actually "custom," the combination of gold plugs from one model and silver casing from another. I really wanted the two ends to match

This cable is in good shape, some very mild "wear" that barely qualifies as such and can only be seen up close. I used this to connect the sound card in my PC to a headphone amp sitting on top of it; it's a great length for this. It's a sturdy cable, but made to flex and twist when it has to. In my honest opinion, for a DIY cable it looks very legit.

The sound was a definite improvement over the generic pro-audio cable I was using before: fuller and tighter bass, more precise imaging, clearer highs. It won't compete with pure silver, but BL-1 is very good "budget" cable.

I never intended to make it red, white and blue, but hey, if you're feeling patriotic... W/D (cont. USA)


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