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FS: Sony ZX300A walkman (EU only)

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  1. vrln
    For Sale
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    • Europe
    Hi everyone,

    I'm moving on to lighter portables (Shanling M0) so this has to go... The sound quality (especially balanced) is awesome, but it's just too heavy for me to use day to day. This is the silver version. Note that this is ZX300A, not ZX300: this version has 16 gb of internal memory instead of the standard 64 gb. That being said who uses this with a microSD card anyway...

    This ZX300A model is only is sold by Sony in China. I bought if from JoyBoy. Took a long time to arrive, but zero problems with it whatsoever. The portable is in mint condition. Haven't used it much...

    The firmware is the standard international one and it's been updated to the latest version (1.1). Also note that since this is not a EU version, there is no volume cap and the high gain mode works just fine as it's supposed to.

    The price includes shipping. Original box and charging cable are included, but I doubt any kind of warranty service works here since this is an imported one and I have no idea if it came from an authorized retailer or not.

    IMG_1343.jpeg IMG_1339.jpeg IMG_1340.jpeg
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  2. someyoungguy
    Would you consider shipping to New Zealand? I ordered this exact same model from Joybuy, waited a few months and it never arrived, but Joybuy gave me a refund.
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