[FS] Sony XBA-N3BP $200

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    Hello! Thank you for looking!

    While best offers will be accepted, trades will not. I'm looking for cash for a potential reshell.

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    So I have a little used backup headphones from last year that I got through eBay that I was using briefly. I don't really use 4.4mm jacks anymore, so these just kind of sit around. No obvious flaws, and in better shape than I expected, honestly. Right now all I have is the travel case with the IEMs and the 4.4mm terminated cable. I'll look for the box this weekend, but no promises. If I find any accessories, I'll include them, but assume what I've mentioned is all that's available.

    Pictures will get posted either Friday or Sunday. When I have time between those days. Thanks!

    Edit: I found the box. Check the photos for what's also included. Cheers!
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  2. Victorfabius
    Photos. Later than I had anticipated. Seem to be nearer new than I had expected, but judge for yourselves.

    MVIMG_20180812_211748.jpg MVIMG_20180812_211756.jpg MVIMG_20180812_211828.jpg MVIMG_20180812_212247.jpg
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    Brought this out last week and listened again while I had the opportunity. Great bass, but I forgot how goid it is all around. Not quite Z5 or EX1000 levels, I wouldn't think, but still darn good. Leaving it at $200 for a while. Seems like a fair price. International buyers: $250. Not new, but very good.

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