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FS: Sony ST-4950 FM Stereo / FM-AM Tuner

  1. 909 Contributor
    Asking $120 plus shipping, I'll cover any PayPal fees.  Besides the ST-4950, I have the original owner's instruction manual.
    The ST-4950 is in pristine cosmetic and operational condition, but for a few minor cosmetic scuffs and nicks -- mostly, if not all, are minor and definitely negligible.  
    Actual photos upon request.  I am selling it because I am not a radio listener and it's just been sitting unused in my listening room.
    This turner is a giant sleeper unit.
    Two independent reviews:
    Sony ST-4950 (1977, $350, front, inside, back) search eBay
    The ST-4950 was second from the top of the overlooked ST-5950SD line. The ST-4950 is an analog tuner with 4 gangs for FM and 2 for AM, a multipath indicator and a hi-blend switch. For some reason, it appears to have been the only tuner in the line that was not available with Dolby capability, as indicated by the "SD" in the model numbers of the others; this is irrelevant today, and the ST-4950 may even have a simpler signal path (generally considered to be an advantage for audio quality) due to the absence of the Dolby circuitry. Our contributor Herb reports: "I have owned several super tuners, a Sansui TU-X1 among them. I currently own a Sansui TU-9900 (which I consider to be the equal of the TU-X1), a Kenwood KT-8300, a Mac MR 77 and a Mac MR 78. In blind A-B testing, to my ears, though the Sony comes up a little short of the two Sansuis (especially in terms of soundstage and imaging), it is superior to the Macs and the equal of the KT-8300. The ST-4950's build quality is also excellent. It is on my list of super tuners." The ST-4950 usually sells for $50-100 on eBay, with a recent low of $20 in 8/07 and highs of $157 in 6/04 and $151 in 6/06.

    I used to sell these years ago and most did not come from the factory very well aligned.
    It's very likely your Sony will sound even better, believe it or not, if you invest in a good alignment by a good tech with the proper lab equipment. See the www.fmtunerinfo.com site for a list of the best tuner techs in the US.
    We were also an Accuphase dealer and an aligned 4950 or 5950 was better than the Accuphase T-100 or T-101. Only tuner I heard at the time I liked better was the Marantz 20B, but it was not as sensitive as the 4950.
    IMHO, the 4950 is a better tuner than any of the Sony 5000 series tuners people pay insane prices for on eBay.
    Another tuner every bit as good and even more unknown than the 4950 was one of Sony's early digital tuners, the ST-J75. It, too, will amaze you and they sell cheap on eBay - I've bought 3, and paid $12, $18, and $36 respectively for them
    Len Feldman reviewed the ST-J75 years ago for "Audio" and for a while it replaced his "reference" McIntosh MR78 tuner, but then Len was always selecting a new "reference" component in different categories every few months.
    stock photo
  2. 909 Contributor
    price drop...
    $99, plus shipping and applicable paypal fees. 
    pprice drop...
    $99 plus shipping, I'll cover any PayPal fees.
  3. Ken Gleason
    Is your st-4950 still available?
    Ken Gleason

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