FS: SONY MZ-RH10 HI-MD MiniDisc Recorder and extras (w/pics) PRICE DROP
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Feb 17, 2007
For sale is the now discontinued Sony MZ-RH10 MiniDisc recorder, featuring a microphone input, capable of using 1 gig Hi-MD discs or the older MD disks, and able to transfer files from the player to your PC via USB cable. This makes a great personal recorder. I am an occasional freelance public radio reporter, and this is the recorder I’ve used for interviews for all the stories I’ve produced. It’s a bit scuffed up but it works great and the battery even holds a charge, though the external battery is a great help.

I’m including the manual, the software CD (though you should download the latest version from Sony’s website), the remote control, the USB cable (with special magnet clips which I never really understood the purpose of), AC adapter, external battery case, and the original box. I am not including headphones or an optical cable (I'm not sure it came with an optical cable). I’ll also throw in at least 10 blank (though used) HI-MD discs, and a notebook style MiniDisc carrying case.

I'm not sure what these are going for these days, since they're pretty rare, so feel free to make me an offer if my price seems too high. Right now, I'll ship everything to you UPS ground for $175. I accept Paypal only and will only ship to US buyers. Preference given to Head-fiers with good feedback. You can find my feedback here:


PM me if you're interested or if you have any questions.






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